Does Publix Sell Stamps? (Types, Pricing & More)

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Publix, a popular grocery store chain across the United States, is known for providing a wide range of quality products to its customers.

One of the most common questions we usually get amongst many Publix customers is whether the store sells postage stamps.

Well, the answer to that question is simply yes, Publix sells postage stamps and you can purchase a variety of stamps in all of its locations across the country.

If you’re looking for convenience, then Publix is a great option for purchasing stamps.

In this article, we will be taking a look at how postage stamp sales work at Publix. Do they sell stamps online? What types of stamps can you buy at Publix? Let’s find out.

Does Publix Sell Stamps?

Publix is a grocery store chain that sells different items, including postage stamps. They only sell stamps in booklet form, which includes different types of stamps such as forever stamps, holiday/Christmas stamps, and more.

Purchasing stamps at Publix is primarily done at the customer service desk and as long as the customer service desk is open at your local Publix store, you should be able to purchase postage stamps anytime within the normal business hours (7 am to 10 pm).

If you want to buy postage stamps, heading to your nearest Publix store is a good option. You can purchase stamps while doing your grocery shopping without having to make an extra trip to the post office.

What Types Of Postage Stamps Does Publix Sell?

If you need to send a letter, postcard, or legal document, you can purchase first-class and USPS Forever stamps at most Publix stores. These stamps come in booklet form, with each booklet containing 20 stamps with the flag design.

It is worth noting that Publix does not sell individual or single stamps. According to our research, you can only buy stamps in booklet form at most Publix stores. However, some Publix stores may sell single stamps if requested, but this is highly unlikely.

If you are looking for a specific type of stamp, you may want to check with your local Publix store to see if they carry it before taking a trip to the store.

How To Buy Stamps At Publix (Step By Step)

Buying stamps at Publix is a simple process that can be done at the customer service desk or checkout.

Here is a step-by-step guide to buying stamps at Publix:

  1. Visit the customer service desk at your local Publix store, then approach the customer service representative and ask for a book of stamps or single stamps.
  2. If you are buying a book of stamps, the customer service representative will hand you a booklet of 20 stamps. If you only need a few stamps, you can buy individual stamps if they permit it.
  3. If you are buying a book of stamps, you can pay for it at the customer service desk. If you are buying individual stamps, you can pay for them at the checkout.
  4. Select your desired payment method then authenticate the transaction.
  5. Collect your stamps from the Publix associate.

How Much Do Stamps Typically Cost At Publix?

At Publix, you can purchase different types of postage stamps, including first-class stamps and the prices of stamps at Publix stores are relatively reasonable too.

A booklet of USPS forever stamps containing 20 stamps costs around $11 at Publix. This means that each stamp costs around $.55 per stamp.

For First-Class U.S. Mail, a single stamp costs around 68 cents and a booklet containing 20 stamps costs $13.2. Therefore, purchasing stamps at Publix can be a more affordable option for customers who need to send mail regularly.

In addition to the cost of stamps, customers may also need to purchase additional postage if they are sending something heavier.

The cost of additional postage varies based on the weight and size of the item being mailed. You can use the USPS Retail Postage Price Calculator to determine the cost of additional postage for your specific mailing needs.

Does Publix Sell Stamps Online?

Unfortunately, Publix does not sell postage stamps online. Customers can only purchase stamps at physical Publix stores.

To find the nearest Publix store, you can use the Publix store locator on the company’s website.

While Publix does not offer stamps online, customers can still purchase stamps at their convenience using self-service stamp vending machines located in select Publix stores. These machines are available during regular store hours and accept cash, credit, and debit cards as payment.

Overall, if you need to purchase stamps, it is recommended to visit a nearby Publix store or use the self-service stamp vending machine. While Publix does not offer the convenience of purchasing stamps online, the availability of physical stores and vending machines makes it easy for customers to buy stamps when they need them.

What Other Stores Sell Postage Stamps?

Aside from Publix, there are several other stores where shoppers can purchase postage stamps. These include supermarkets, grocery stores, banks, and major retailers like Walmart, Costco, Walgreens, Kroger, Amazon, and CVS amongst others.

Walmart and Costco sell booklets of stamps, while Amazon offers a wide selection of stamps that can be purchased online and delivered to your doorstep.

Most supermarkets and grocery stores sell postage stamps at their customer service desks or checkout lanes. Some of the popular grocery stores that sell postage stamps include Safeway, Albertsons, and Whole Foods.

Banks like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Chase also sell postage stamps at their branches. In addition, many post offices are located inside banks, making it convenient for customers to buy stamps while conducting other banking transactions.


In conclusion, Publix is a one-stop shop for all your grocery needs. Not only do they offer a wide selection of food, drinks, and everyday items, but they also sell postage stamps at a competitive price. Customers can purchase USPS Forever stamps in booklets of 20 for $11 at all Publix locations.

Buying stamps at Publix offers several benefits, including ample supply and free delivery services. Customers can buy different types of postage stamps, including first-class stamps, making it a convenient option for those who need to send letters, postcards, and legal documents frequently.

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