Does Publix Blow Up Ballons?

By Hayden Ortiz


does publix blow up ballons

Publix is a popular grocery chain that offers a wide range of products and services to its customers.

One of the services that Publix provides is blowing up balloons so if you’re were wondering if Publix will blow up your balloon(s) with Helium, the answer is they probably will but this mostly depends on the particular Publix store you visit.

Publix will blow up both balloons bought in their store and balloons bought outside, but there is a charge for blowing up balloons bought outside the store.

In this article, we will be taking a look at how blowing up balloons works at Publix. Will all Publix stores offer to blow up your balloons? Is the service free? Let’s find out.

Will Publix Blow Up Balloons?

Publix is happy to blow up balloons for their customers, regardless of whether the balloons were purchased in-store or not. However, there is a small fee for inflating balloons that were not bought at Publix.

If you bring your balloons to Publix, they should be very accommodating about helping you get them inflated using their helium tank. It takes some time to blow up your balloons, especially if you bring in a lot.

For customers who bring their balloons which were bought at another store other than Publix, the store charges for the helium.

On the other hand, if you purchase balloons from Publix, the store will blow them up for free. The store has a handful of inflated balloons available for purchase in-store, including all-occasion balloons.

How Much Does Publix Charge To Blow Up Balloons?

Publix provides helium services to inflate balloons purchased in their store for free. However, if you bring in balloons from elsewhere, Publix charges a fee to inflate them.

The cost of inflating balloons at Publix varies depending on the type of balloon.

For latex balloons, the cost of inflation at Publix is $1.29 per balloon. On the other hand, the cost of inflating a mylar balloon at Publix is around $2 per balloon.

The fee for inflating balloons at Publix may vary depending on the size and shape of the balloons you bring in, and it is recommended to check with your local Publix store for the exact pricing before bringing your balloons

It is important to note that these prices are based on data collected in-store and are subject to delays and errors. Fees, tips, and taxes may apply.

What Types Of Balloons Are Accepted For Inflating At Publix?

Publix generally accepts both latex and mylar balloons for inflation.

Latex balloons are made from natural rubber and are commonly used for birthday parties, baby showers, and other events. Mylar balloons are made from foil and are often used for graduations, weddings, and other celebrations.

You can bring your balloons to Publix for inflation, or you can purchase balloons from the store.

Publix’s balloon inflation service is available at most of its locations. Customers can simply bring their balloons to the store’s floral department, and a Publix associate will inflate the balloons with helium.

The store also offers a wide variety of pre-inflated balloons for purchase, including helium balloons in various shapes and sizes.

Does Every Publix Store Fill Up Balloons?

If you’re wondering whether every Publix store fills up balloons, no, not all Publix stores will accept to inflate your balloons but most will.

If the Publix store you’re going to has a floral department, they should be able to fill up your balloons. We generally recommend reaching out to your local Publix store first before going to confirm if they fill up balloons.

Publix is known for its excellent customer service, and the floral department is no exception. If you purchase a pack of balloons from Publix, they should be very accommodating about helping you get them inflated using their helium tank for free.

If you bring in balloons that were purchased at another store for blowing up at Publix, then a small fee is charged per balloon depending on the type of balloon.

Purchasing and Ordering Balloons

Does Publix Sell Balloons (In-Store)?

Yes, Publix sells balloons in-store. Customers can find balloons in the Publix floral department. The balloons come in a variety of colors and designs, making them suitable for all occasions.

Can You Order A Balloon Online From Publix?

Yes, customers can order balloons online directly on the Publix website or via Instacart’s Publix Quick Picks. However, the prices of items ordered through Publix Quick Picks are higher than the Publix delivery and curbside pickup item prices.

How Much Do Balloons Cost At Publix?

The cost of balloons at Publix varies depending on the type of balloon, the design, and the location. However, according to the Publix website, the prices of balloons ordered through Publix Quick Picks are higher than the Publix delivery and curbside pickup item prices.


In conclusion, Publix stores are a great place to buy or blow up balloons for any occasion. They offer a wide variety of balloons in different colors, themes, and sizes. So whether you are celebrating a birthday, a wedding, or a graduation, you can be sure to always find the perfect balloons at Publix.

If you need help inflating your balloons, Publix can also assist you with that. They have helium tanks in their stores that they use to inflate balloons.

You can bring in your balloons or purchase them from Publix. Inflating balloons purchased at Publix is free but if you bring in balloons purchased at other stores for filling up, then the fee (usually small) will depend on the type and number of balloons to be filled.

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