Does Lowe’s Sell Milwaukee Tools?

By Hayden Ortiz


Lowes sell Milwaukee tools

Lowe’s is a popular home improvement retailer that offers a wide range of products, including power tools from trusted brands.

If you have noticed while walking the aisles at Lowe’s, one brand that is noticeably absent from their shelves is Milwaukee Tools and this has led many customers to wonder whether Lowe’s sells Milwaukee tools or not.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Milwaukee Tools are not sold at Lowe’s due to an exclusive retailer agreement that Milwaukee signed with Home Depot. As a result, Home Depot is the only brick-and-mortar megastore that sells Milwaukee tools.

In this article, we will be taking a look at both brands – Milwaukee and Lowe’s. Can you buy Milwaukee tools at your local Lowe’s? Will Lowe’s still sell Milwaukee tools in the future? and many other questions. Let’s find out!

Does Lowe’s Sell Milwaukee Tools?

Lowe’s is one of the popular store chains that used to sell Milwaukee power tools but they’re no longer allowed to. So if you’re asking if Lowe’s sells Milwaukee tools, the answer is simply, No, they don’t sell.

You may be asking why since it is quite unusual for Lowe’s not to sell quality home improvement tools like the ones offered by Milwaukee.

Well, this is due to a previous legal dispute between Milwaukee and Lowe’s, which resulted in Milwaukee signing an exclusive retailer agreement with Home Depot. As a result, Lowe’s stopped selling Milwaukee products in 2008.

Despite not selling Milwaukee tools, Lowe’s still offers a wide range of power tools from other trusted brands that are readily available both online and in-store.

Why Can’t You Buy Milwaukee Power Tools At Lowe’s?

Milwaukee power tools are no longer available for purchase at Lowe’s. The reason behind this is that Milwaukee signed an exclusive retailer agreement with Home Depot, and Lowe’s refused to pay Milwaukee’s debt. As a result, Milwaukee stopped selling its products at Lowe’s in 2008.

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation claims that Lowe’s owes them around $1.2 million for tools that Lowe’s shipped before the end of their contract but for which they did not get paid. Despite Lowe’s turning down the money, they can no longer sell Milwaukee tools and other goods.

Although Milwaukee and Lowe’s had a partnership in the past, it is no longer the case. This means that customers who want to purchase Milwaukee power tools will have to go to other retailers supported by the manufacturer.

Will Lowe’s Ever Carry Milwaukee Tools Again?

Lowe’s and Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation had a business partnership that ended in 2008. Since then, Lowe’s has not sold Milwaukee products in their stores or online.

There have been rumors and speculations among customers about whether Lowe’s will ever carry Milwaukee tools again.

According to some sources, the dispute between Lowe’s and Milwaukee was mainly due to pricing and profit margins. Milwaukee was reportedly asking for higher prices and margins, which Lowe’s was not willing to accept.

As a result, the two companies ended their partnership, and Lowe’s removed Milwaukee products from their inventory.

It is unclear if Lowe’s and Milwaukee will ever resolve their differences and resume their partnership.

For now, customers will have to look elsewhere if they want to buy Milwaukee power tools. Lowe’s also offers many alternatives from well-known brands which customers can also choose from if they want to exclusively shop at the store chain.

What Are The Best Milwaukee Tools Alternatives At Lowe’s?

Lowe’s offers a variety of tool brands that can be a great alternative to Milwaukee tools. Some of the top brands include Dewalt, Kobalt, Craftsman, Bosch, Flex, and Metabo. These brands offer quality products that are known for their performance and durability.

For cordless power tools, Dewalt and Kobalt are great options. Both brands offer a wide range of cordless power tools that are perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors. They also have a wide range of hand tools and accessories that can be used for various tasks.

Craftsman is another popular brand at Lowe’s that offers a range of hand tools. They are known for their high-quality products that are designed to last. Bosch is also a great alternative for those looking for high-performance power tools. They offer a range of corded and cordless power tools that are perfect for various tasks.

Flex and Metabo are also great brands that offer durable and high-performance power tools. They are known for their quality products that are designed to last. Lowe’s also offers a range of batteries and accessories for these brands.

What Other Stores Can You Purchase Milwaukee Tools?

If you’re looking to purchase Milwaukee tools, several other stores besides Lowe’s carry them. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Home Depot: Home Depot is one of the largest home improvement retailers in the United States and carries a wide range of Milwaukee tools. They have both in-store and online options, making it easy to find what you need.
  • Ace Hardware: Ace Hardware is a smaller retailer that carries Milwaukee tools. They have a smaller selection than some of the larger retailers, but they often have competitive pricing.
  • Red Tool Store: Red Tool Store is an online retailer that specializes in selling Milwaukee tools. They have a wide selection of products and often have competitive pricing.
  • Northern Tool: Northern Tool is a retailer that specializes in selling tools and equipment. They carry a wide range of Milwaukee tools and have both in-store and online options.
  • Sears: Sears is a department store that carries a variety of products, including Milwaukee tools. They have both in-store and online options.
  • Amazon: Amazon is an online retailer that carries a wide range of Milwaukee tools. They often have competitive pricing and offer free shipping on many products.

If you’re a professional contractor, you may also want to consider purchasing Milwaukee tools directly from the manufacturer, Techtronic Industries. They offer a wide range of products and often have special deals for contractors.


In summary, Lowe’s does not sell Milwaukee tools due to a past dispute between them and the tool manufacturer.

That said, Lowe’s offers a variety of other power tools brands such as Dewalt, Kobalt, Craftsman, Bosch, and more, both corded and cordless, as well as tool combo kits and electronics.

So while Milwaukee tools are not available at Lowe’s, customers can still find a wide selection of high-quality power tools from other reputable brands. Overall, Lowe’s is a reliable and convenient option for those in need of home improvement equipment and supplies.

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