Does Aldi Sell Ice? What You Need To Know

By Hayden Ortiz


does aldi sell ice

If you’re planning a party or you simply want to stock up on ice for the summer, you might be wondering if your favorite Aldi store sells ice.

As frequent shoppers at Aldi, we were curious about this too, so we decided to do our research by physically visiting a couple of Aldi stores to find out if it is possible to purchase ice bagged or/and dry ice at Aldi stores.

Our findings are quite revealing so read on to learn if you can get bags of ice at your local Aldi store.

Ice Availability at Aldi: Can You Get Ice At Your Local Aldi Store?

Aldi is a popular supermarket brand in the United States and a handful of other countries where you can purchase consumables ranging from meat to fresh produce, dairy, canned food, beverages, and more.

If you’re wondering whether Aldi sells ice, then the answer will depend on the country you’re currently located in.

At Aldi locations in the United States, bagged or dry ice is not available for purchase. However, if you are in the United Kingdom or Ireland, you can purchase bagged ice directly from most Aldi stores or on the Aldi regional website for your country.

While it’s unfortunate that Aldi stores in the US do not sell ice, there are still several other options you can consider for purchasing ice including most grocery stores, gas stations, and convenience stores in your locality.

If you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly and “do it yourself” option, consider investing in a portable ice cube maker.

These machines are relatively affordable and can produce ice quickly and conveniently. They can be purchased at some Aldi locations and other retail stores across the United States.

Overall, while Aldi stores in the US do not sell ice, there are plenty of other options available for purchasing ice. Whether you’re looking for a traditional bag of ice or a more eco-friendly option, there are many stores and products to choose from.

Why Don’t Aldi Stores In The US Not Sell Bagged Ice?

During our visit to some Aldi stores we checked out, we tried to ask some employees at the store, and let’s just say no specific reason was given as to why Aldi stores in the US don’t sell ice.

One reason that was consistent across the answers we received was that space is a major issue and at most Aldi stores, space is a premium.

You see, most Aldi stores have limited freezer and cooler space, and bagged ice will take up a huge chunk of that space.

Aldi prefers stocking its freezers and coolers with products that customers buy most frequently, such as frozen pizzas, ice cream, and vegetables as it is primarily a grocery store.

While bagged ice can be a convenient purchase for many Aldi shoppers, the company prefers to allocate freezer and cooler space to other products that are in higher demand since that helps to keep our prices low while still providing customers with the products they need.

Ice Bag Sizes and Prices

Most grocery stores sell bags of ice in different sizes and prices.

The most common size of ice bags is around 7 – 8 lbs, and these can cost anywhere from $2 to $4 (US) to get one. Bigger bags of ice (around 20 lbs or more) can cost up to $7 depending on the store.

Note that prices and sizes of these ice bags may vary depending on the location of the store so we generally recommend checking the store’s weekly ad or website for the current pricing and availability.

Where To Find Ice Bags In A Store?

In most cases, bags of ice are located in the frozen food section of a grocery store. If you’re having trouble finding them, then you can try asking any employee or manager around you for assistance, and they will be more than happy to help you locate the ice bags.

You can also purchase ice bags online in most grocery stores and they will be delivered to your doorstep if you don’t want to go through the hassle of visiting a physical store.

Wrapping Up

Unfortunately, bags of ice are not available for purchase at Aldi stores in the United States right now, but if you are located in other countries where Aldi stores are present like the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia, you can purchase ice conveniently at you local Aldi store or on the Aldi website for your country.

While Aldi does not sell ice in the United States, most grocery and retail stores do, and for Aldi shoppers in the United States who need to get bags of ice for whatever reason, you can utilize a platform like Instacart to order ice from any of these stores alongside your groceries from Aldi and have all the items you ordered delivered to your doorstep at the same time.

If you’re not into online shopping, then you can simply walk into any grocery store or supermarket in your location and enquire to see if they sell ice.

And that will be it for this article. If you were wondering if the Aldi store near you sells ice, we hope the information provided here helped clear things up.

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