Can You Cash Checks At Publix?

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Check cashing can be a hassle for many since we all hate going to banks because of how stressful it can be. For this reason, some small businesses even opt to stop accepting checks as a means of payment altogether.

Well, if you have a check to cash, the good news is that there are quite several grocery stores in the United States that offer to cash checks for their customers so you may not need to go to a bank.

If you’re a Publix customer, you may be wondering if your local Publix will cash checks or not.

The answer is yes, Publix does offer check cashing services for select checks up to $800 per week. You can cash serval checks in a week as long as the total combined amount does not exceed $800.

In this article, we will be taking a look at check cashing at Publix. What types of checks are accepted? What are the requirements for cashing checks at Publix? Do they charge a fee? Let’s find out.

Can You Cash A Check At Publix?

Publix offers check cashing services for selected types of checks under $800 at any of their locations.

However, they do not cash checks without a phone number present on the check. The phone number can either be printed on the check or written by hand.

To cash a check at Publix, you are required to provide a valid ID that matches the name on the check. Acceptable forms of identification include a driver’s license, a state-issued identification card, a passport, or a military identification card.

What Types Of Checks Can You Cash At Publix?

Publix offers check cashing services for payroll checks and personal checks, as well as some government checks.

However, we highly recommend contacting your local Publix beforehand to know which checks they accept.

Here is a list of checks that can be cashed at Publix:

  • Payroll checks
  • Personal checks
  • Some government checks

It is important to note that there are limits to the amount of money that can be cashed at Publix, and these limits may vary by location. It is also important to bring valid identification when cashing a check at Publix.

Here is a list of checks that cannot be cashed at Publix:

  • Tax refund checks
  • Third-party checks
  • Unemployment checks
  • Business checks
  • Settlement checks
  • Insurance checks
  • Rebate checks
  • Stimulus checks (as of 2021).

Does Publix Charge A Fee To Cash Checks?

Publix does not cash checks for free. According to our research, the average fee for cashing checks at Publix ranges from $3 to $5, and it could be more in some cases.

The fees charged by Publix vary depending on the type of check and the amount of the check.

Publix allows customers to cash several checks as long as the combined total amount does not exceed $800 in a week. The fees for cashing checks at Publix are affordable and competitive compared to other check-cashing services.

In addition to check-cashing services, Publix also offers other financial services such as money orders and ATM access. The fees for these services are also reasonable and competitive.

How To Cash A Check At Publix (Step By Step Guide)

Cashing a check at Publix is a quick and easy process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through it.

  1. Bring your check to the customer service desk at any Publix store. Checks must have a phone number either printed or handwritten on them to be cashed.
  2. Present a valid driver’s license, state-issued photo identification card, or military identification to the cashier.
  3. The cashier will verify the check using Certegy, a third-party verification system.
  4. If the check is approved, the cashier will give you the cash amount minus the check-cashing fee. The fee varies depending on the amount of the check.
  5. Count the cash to ensure the correct amount was given to you.
  6. Thank the cashier and enjoy your cash!

It’s important to note that checks cannot be cashed at the register or self-checkout. They must be cashed at the customer service desk.

Overall, cashing a check at Publix is a quite straightforward process. Just be sure to bring a valid ID and a check with a phone number on it, and you’ll be on your way to getting cash in hand.

Can You Cash A Check At Publix During The Weekends (Saturday & Sunday)?

Yes, you can cash a check at Publix during the weekends. Publix stores are open seven days a week, including weekends. So, you can visit your nearest Publix store if you need to cash a check on a Saturday or Sunday.

Publix check cashing services are available every day of the week, including weekends. However, the hours of operation may vary by location. You can check the store hours on the Publix website or use their store locator tool to find the nearest store and their hours of operation.

It’s important to note that the fees for check cashing at Publix may differ on weekends compared to weekdays.

Why Was My Check Declined At Publix?

When a customer presents a check to Publix for cashing, the store uses Certegy, a third-party verification company, to verify the check.

If the check fails the verification process, Publix will decline to cash it. This is done to protect both the customer and the store from fraud.

Another reason why a check may be declined is if there is not enough cash in the store at the moment to pay you after cashing the check. Publix has a limit on how much cash they keep on hand, so if the store has already reached that limit, they will not be able to cash any more checks until more cash is available.

Finally, if the check issuing company has too many unprocessed checks in its system, the check may be declined by Publix. This is because the company may have a history of issuing bad checks, and Publix wants to avoid any potential losses.

It is important to note that if a check is declined, it does not necessarily mean that the customer has done anything wrong. It could simply be a matter of the verification process or the store’s cash availability. In such cases, we recommend contacting the issuing company to resolve the issue.


In conclusion, Publix offers check cashing services for personal, payroll, and other types of checks with varying fees and limits.

Customers must present valid ID plus additional documentation as needed. Money orders can be purchased at Publix but cannot be cashed there. Alternative options include banks, retail stores, and financial institutions.

With the ability to cash payroll checks totaling up to $800 per week and personal checks for a fee, customers can take care of their financial needs without having to visit a bank.

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